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The Fourth of July is celebrated on the Fourth of July with a variety of events and events in and around the city of Ghent, Maryland. Summer party with fireworks, fireworks, food trucks, music and more.

In 2019, the festivities and fireworks will take place on Saturday, June 29, but there are future festivities that may not take place on July 4. The Summer Festival on July 4th is a full-day event that starts at 5 p.m. and ends at 11: 30 p.m. and is free for all ages.

After a busy week with the family, we didn't try to return to the mall and decided to see some of the fun family activities that Gaithersburg has to offer. Given that it's been ten years since I last met the person, Nancy and I are talking about when we will next bring our two busy families together.

We went to the nearest Starbucks for a fresh dose of fresh air and wandered through the main course until we came across a Starbucks in the middle. We were feeding a dollar bill in the vending machine and could almost feel the wind in our hair while watching. Our GPS showed us the way and we followed the instructions to see what was coming, a small park with a few playgrounds and a playground for the children.

I don't think I've ever been to Gaithersburg and been to New Fortune regularly, but I managed to find a quarter or two at the end of our shopping trip and let my third child pick his favorite ride. I must admit, however, that I somehow broke it down and, frankly, avoided riding the children's rides that seem to have appeared in most shopping malls this year, like the plague.

If you're sitting outside with bubble tea, it's more your speed, ten - ten Rollins Park is the right place, and you can even enjoy some of the taps in the city centre, which is my choice. Gordon Biersch greets dog owners at Nick's Chophouse, where there are plenty of dogs and seating. When the weather is not playing along, Giuseppi's Pizza invites your furry friends to enjoy a cake at a table reserved for pets.

This training center in the Parklawn area of Rockville has been offering a variety of obesity courses to meet your dog's needs for years. Another great place for dog training and fitness is the Zoom Room, where classes range from positive training to urban hats and scent work.

There are beautiful views around the parking lot of this dog park in the Parklawn area of Rockville, Maryland. With a fenced area where dogs can be leashed, there is plenty of space for owners to relax with their dogs. For a short trip, visit the dog-friendly playground of the park with a variety of activities for dogs and their owners.

Although it is an indoor / outdoor pool, the temperature in the indoor pool is a bit cool and ideal, but the kids will have fun, even if it is not the typical metal and plastic structure found in most public bathrooms in Baltimore, Maryland. We captured an adorable moment with a three-year-old when a discussion about plastic fish ensued.

It was definitely much too cold on the day of our visit, so hats and gloves were helpful as it was much cooler than the day before. We did not walk on the trail around the lake, but this is the perfect summer activity. If you're planning a longer walk, there are many trails to explore that are maintained by Montgomery County Recreation and Parks. The children warmed up a bit and the boat seemed ready to go, and it is definitely worth a visit.

Registration is required to keep access to the park and to obtain an access code for the locked gate. When registering, you must keep a copy of your registration card with your name, address and telephone number, as well as a photo of yourself and your child.

In case of rain, the activities will be moved to the activity centre at Bohrer Park and the fireworks will be moved. Stay with the Summer Glo Party for the evening show and find a front row seat for an evening fireworks display.

Visit the Rockville Center, where a variety of food and drinks are offered, including hot dogs, popcorn and ice cream. Enjoy a cup of Joe or ice cream while the dogs cool off with puppies and puppies. Tail - Waggers come to several Starbucks in the area to enjoy a hot dog, hot drink or even a beer at one of the many locations.

Loyal Company operates two locations in Rockville, where you can choose from a variety of ice cream, hot dogs, popcorn and hot drinks, all made entirely from natural ingredients. Brester's Real Ice Cream in Gaithersburg is a favorite destination for dog lovers who don't miss their hot dog and popcorn. Further north, there are several other ice cream options in the area, such as Blue Moon Ice in Bethesda, and the two best options are the one - stop shop at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Montgomery County.

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