Nothing gold can stay: Pair scammed out of $300K in Maryland

Published 09-14-2018

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GAITHERSBURG, Md. (AP) - Two men promised gold instead received copper, and now $300,000 is dust in the wind.

Montgomery County police detective Mike Adami tells The Washington Post business partners from Brazil and Florida met a man simply known as "Edward" for a gold transaction Aug. 20. "Edward" offered a test sample, which checked out as gold dust.

So the buyers returned for the gold, which turned out to be nothing more than copper dust.

Adami says the Brazilian investor believed "Edward" was the agent of his initial contact, "Mike." The pseudonymous pair had asked the buyers to wire funds to a bank account in Ghana, before accepting a cash deal.

Photos released Wednesday show "Mike" on a video call and "Edward" at the meeting. The names of the defrauded haven't been released.


Information from: The Washington Post,

Information from: The Washington Post,

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